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The Gambler, Kenny Rogers!!!

Jason Gooley and the legend Kenny Rogers. Thanks for the memories Kenny.

Sean Sellers - Beasto Blanco

Caught up with Sean Sellers, drummer of Beasto Blanco


Pepper Keenan of Corrosion of Conformity and Goolz! CoC!!!

Eddie Trunk!!!

Jason Gooley and Eddie Trunk talking Metal Shows and MetalDevOps!


Fly that flag!!!

Mega Cool Guitar!

Someone gave this guitar to Jose on the cruise! Had to take a snap!

Herman Li of Dragonforce

Herman giving me the nod in the press pit!

MetalDevOps Wearables?

Michael Smothers of Rock 'N Roll Industries magazine sporting the new MDO bumper sticker!

Stet Howland of Metal Church!

Hanging with the heavy hitter himself, Stet Howland!

Mike Howe - Metal Church

Mike and Goolz!

Did I mention the Lovely Carla Harvey?

Fierce frontwoman of the Butcher Babies!

Uncle Charlie!!!

Charlie Benante of Anthrax talking coffee and metal!

Love in an Elevator!!!

Hanging with Steve Unger bass player for Metal Church and Wulf Unger lead singer of Sin Circus on the cruise!

Steve Unger!!!

Metal Church bassist and Jason Gooley hanging in the hallway outside of the theatre on the ship.


My good friend Clayton Cagle of Hatchet on the MegaCruise!

Alex Skolnick of TESTAMENT!!!

Hanging with Alex on the cruise. Alex is one of the best thrash guitarists!

Feeling Suicidal?

Ra Diaz of Suicidal Tendencies and The Gooley's on the cruise.

Mark Osegueda of Death Angel!

Mark and the Gooley's hanging on the cruise.

Todd La Torre of Queensryche!

Singer of Queensryche on the Megacruise with the Gooley's.

Mark Osegueda!!!

Death Angel singer messing with Jason Gooley on the cruise!

Jakob Sin and Jason Gooley!


Paul Gargano and Jason Gooley

Paul is the founder of Metal Edge Magazine!

Rebel Radio CHICAGO!!!

Some good friends from back home, Scott Davidson is the CEO of Rebel Radio.

All he wanted was a Pepsi...

The real OG Mike Muir of Suicidal Tendencies!!!

Mega Drums!

Sitting in front of Dirk Verbeuren's drum rig! (Check out those kick heads)

Dirk Doing his thang!

Dirk kicking off a drum clinic on the cruise. My ears are still ringing! Blast off!!!

Hanging with Dirk

Dirk Verbeuren and the Gooley's hanging backstage after the drum clinic.


I need this in my life! Picture of Dirk's tom.

MetalDevOps on Dirk's A Rig!!!

Ivan and Dirk let me put the MetalDevOps bumper sticker on the rig case!

MegaCruise Guitar

Look at that thing!!!

Jason Gooley and the stunning Electra Mustaine

Electra is one of the most amazing entrepreneurs and business women I have been fortunate enough to meet and spend time with! Electra was the spokesperson for the Megacruise, House of Mustaine Wine and is an incredible musician.


Me and Bobby Blitz of OVERKILL!!!

That Metal Show!!!

Jason Gooley, Eddie Trunk and Don Jamieson talking Metal Shows and MetalDevOps on the Megacruise!


Joey Belladonna of Anthrax and I celebrating our birthday on October 13th!!!

Cheif Joey and The Gooley's

Joey Belladonna of Anthrax and The Gooley's on the Megacruise on our shared birtyday!!!

Good times with good friends!

Dave McRobb and The Gooley's hanging out in San Diego on our port stop.

The Crown Jew-el!

Megacruise aboard the Norwegian Jewel in San Diego with McRobb and The Gooley's!

Sharpe and OPUS!!!

David Sharpe and Christian "OPUS" Lawrence of Ellefson hanging out on the cruise with the Gooley's!

All Aboard!!!

The MegaMelon!!!

Jose Mangin and The Gooley's

Kicking off the Mega Trivia properly!

Thom The Hammer Hazaert and Melody Myers!

This click is family! These two have helped me so much with MetalDevOps and I can't begin to thank them enough! Check out @designedbymelody to see all the awesome design work Melody does!!!

Goolz and Jose Sharing Laughs

My Metal Ambassador Mentor Jose Mangin and Jason Gooley crackin each other up!

So it begins...

The Dragonforce gear getting loaded on to the ship.

Herman Li and Goolz

Herman Li and I sharing a laugh outside the port in San Diego!

Jose Mangin and Gooley

Jose and I after our first MetalDevOps interview of the week on the MegaCruise!

Korn Cake?!

Thom Hazaert,Jason Gooley and Brian "Head" Welch of Korn

Mega Cheerz!

Jason Gooley and Dave Mustaine of Megadeth at his vineyard.

Da Bears!

Jason Gooley and Dan Hampton from the 1985 Chicago Bears

Time for a Laugh!

Jamie and Jason Gooley with Carlos Mencia

JA is Metal!!!

Ja Rule and Jason Gooley

Megadeth Bootcamp!

Megadeth and Jason Gooley at the 1st Megadeth Bootcamp at Dave Mustaine's home in Fallbrook, CA.

Metal Hammer Magazine

Jason Gooley in Megadeth Bootcamp Metal Hammer magazine article


John Schultz of BATTERY Masters of Metallica and Jason Gooley circa 1998

Anthrax in the Airport?!

Jason Gooley and Scott Ian of Anthrax in LAX

Papa Het!

James Hetfield of Metallca in Madison, WI

Goolz on Guitar!

Jason Gooley onstage with BATTERY Masters of Metallica

Dirk Blast!!!

Dirk Verbeuren of Megadeth and Bentsea with Jason Gooley

Jose has Something to Say!!!

Jose Mangin of Sirius XM and Affiliction Clothing, Maz Chong, Sam Thompson and Jason Gooley

Jose @ the Megadeth Bootcamp

Jason Gooley and Jose Mangin of SiriusXM and Affliction Clothing on the first day of the Megadeth Bootcamp March 2017

Metal Hammer Magazine Megadeth Bootcamp Article

Jason Gooley in Megadeth Bootcamp Metal Hammer magazine article

Megadeth and Goolz!
Seth Fromberg and the Gooley's!

Head of Metallica's security, Seth Fromberg and The Gooley's!

David Ellefson and Jason Gooley

Ellefson and Goolz at the Basstory show in Lombard, IL.

Is this a Dream? Goolz and 'Tallica!!!

Hanging out with Metallica at the Chicago Solider Field Show

Megadeth Autographed my Guitar!!!

Megadeth Bootcamp March 2017

Dystopia Vic Rattlehead and Goolz!

Chillin in an Post-American World!

Goolz and BATTERY!!!

BATTERY Masters of Metallica and Jason Gooley

MetalDevOps on Dirk's A-Rig!!!

MetalDevOps and Megadeth!!! on MegaCruise October 2019

Rafael, Goolz and Ivan!

Rafael Pensado (Mustaine's right hand man and Vic Rattlehead) and Ivan Copelan (Megadeth Tout Mgr.) On MegaCruise.

Ellefson and The Gooley's

David, Jason and Jamie hanging out in the dressing room at the BASSTORY show in Wisconsin.


Jason Gooley, Ray Burton (Cliff Burton's Father) and Robert Gooley (Grandpa Goolz)

Jamming Symphony with Megadeth!!!

Jason Gooley playing Symphony of Destruction with Megadeth at the Megadeth Bootcamp!

Ja Rule Throwing the Horns!!!

Ja Rule hanging out with Goolz at the Windy City Smokeout

Keith Urban!!!

Keith Urban and The Gooley's at Keith's show in Chicago 2018.

The Man!!! Thom Hazaert!

Jason Gooley and Thom Hazaert of Ellefson and Combat Records at the BASSTORY show in Wisconsin 2019

3 Doors Down!

Eating lunch with Brad Arnold of 3 Doors Down in Elgin, IL. at the All You Can Eat Buffet in the Elgin Casino


Goolz and Deth! 2017

VIC and Jose Mangin!

Goolz getting some much needed coaching from Vic Rattlehead and Jose Mangin.

McRobb and Friends!

The Gooley's with our good friend Dave McRobb (Webmaster, Photographer and VIP Manager for Megadeth) and friends.

Two Dudes In a Truck!

Goolz and Mangin in the SiriusXM Raptor!

October Rage!!!

Australian band October Rage at MetalDevOps studio 2018

Tour Bus Hangz!

Hanging with my good friends Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) and Rafael Pensado (Megadeth)

Goolz with BATTERY

Small gig in Indiana 2017

Onstage at Megadeth Show in Vegas!

Stage shot at Megadeth Show 2019 at the Pearl in Las Vegas

Goolz with BATTERY!

Jamming out some Seek and Destroy with the guys!


David Curbis original! Guess who?

October Rage and the ESP Wall

Australian band October Rage at MetalDevOps studio 2018


Rafael Pensado and Jason Gooley on Dave Mustaine's Tour Bus for Jimi Hendrix Experience 2019.


Hanging out with Wayland at the Durand Biker Bash 2017

McRobb and Goolz on the Bus

Dave McRobb and Goolz on the bus to Mustaine's house for the Megadeth Bootcamp 2017

Kiko and Goolz!

Kiko Loureiro and Jason Gooley at Guitar Center Clinic in Las Vegas 2017

Jerry Vietz!!!

Unibroue Brewmaster Jerry Vietz and Jason Gooley celebrating Megadeth Beer release "A Toute Le Monde" at Hopleaf Chicago!

Chatting with Dave!

Sitting in the studio with Dave Mustaine talking Megadeth, books and guitar! 2019

Goolz and David Ellefson!

David gave me a signed copy of his book "My Life with DETH" at his BASSTORY Show in Lombard, IL.

Hanging out on Korn's Tour Bus!

Chatting with Fieldy and Head from Korn with my good friend Thom Hazaert! 2020

David Ellefson and The Gooley's!

At dinner in Wisconsin with David Ellefson! 2019


Hanging with Korn in their dressing rooms in Rockford, IL. Fieldy, Munky, Jason Gooley and Head! Thanks to Thom Hazaert!!!

Thee Butcher Baby!

Jason Gooley and the lovely Carla Harvey of Butcher Babies. 2019

Mustaine and Goolz

Hanging out in the studio with Dave Mustaine of Megadeth durning the Experience Hendrix Tour. 2019

Feel the WRATH!!!

The Gooley's hanging out with Gary Golwitzer singer of WRATH at the David Ellefson BASSTORY Show in Wisconsin!!!

Goolz Jammin with BATTERY!!!

Jason Gooley with Juan David (Kirk Hammett) of BATTERY!

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